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918 Contravest Ln
Winter Springs, FL 32708


Eric Heimburg

  An expert C++ coder, a masterful systems designer, plus an experienced team leader, all in one package.
  • Vast engineering experience in both low-level and high-level systems
  • Excellent grasp of modern MMO systems design
  • Immaculate communication, organization, and presentation skills
  • An aggressive self-starter when working alone, and a motivator when working in a team.
Engineering Experience
  Casual Games Developer
2006-Present Narwhal Games (startup) San Diego, CA
  • Designed and coded “Starcrossed,” a casual PC game published by iWin games in August 2007. Check it out here: Starcrossed on iWin
  • Stand-out features of this tile-based puzzler include a story mode with over 30 levels of beautiful background art and a Challenge Grid with 50 unique ways to play the game
Senior/Lead Engineer
2001-2004 Turbine Entertainment Norwood, MA
  • Developed one of the most advanced localization solutions used to date in an MMORPG
  • Co-authored the scripting language used by Asheron’s Call 2 and all other Turbine games
  • Added many game systems features for Asheron’s Call 2, including GUI screens, AI behaviors, combat mechanics, server-side optimizations and back-end features for billing and customer service
  • Developed advanced analysis tools and report generators to rebalance and debug Asheron Call 2’s combat systems after ship
Lead Engineer
1997-2001 AST, Inc. Orlando, FL
  • Led teams of 6-10 engineers on massive government submarine simulators worth millions of dollars to the US Navy. Responsibilities included systems architecture, design and code reviews, task allocation and bug triage supervision
Design    Experience
  Lead Systems Designer
2005-2006 Perpetual, Inc San Francisco, CA
  • Created game systems for upcoming MMORPG, “Star Trek: Online”, including combat, advancement, and travel
  • Designed content-creation pipeline and toolset for Star Trek Online
  • Worked with engineers to create Star Trek Online’s technical review and risk assessment documents
  • Oversaw development of Star Trek Online’s space-combat game prototype
Lead Systems Designer, AC2: Legions
2004-2005 Turbine Entertainment Norwood, MA
  • Planned the Expansion Pack “AC2: Legions”, and co-developed product pitch to Turbine’s executive team
  • Oversaw design and development of hundreds of new monsters, skills, items, attributes, etc., as well as innovative new character advancement and combat systems
  • Created two new races and four unique new classes including the levitating Mentalist, the masochistic Templar, and the ritual-casting Hieromancer
  • Designed very unique new crafting dynamics that appeal to many different play styles.
Production Experience
  Live Team Producer
2004-2005 Turbine Entertainment Norwood, MA
  • Lead mixed team of 11 to 15, including artists, engineers, and designers
  • Produced 20 monthly expansions for Asheron’s Call 2
  • Coordinated and supervised daily tasks, triaged bugs with QA department, worked with Operations team on hardware issues, oversaw customer relations and player communication
  • The MMO localization chapter of the book “Perspectives on Localization”, published by John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2006
  • Localizing MMOGs”, website, September 2003
  • Monitoring System Events by Subclassing the Shell”, Windows Developers’ Journal, February 1998.
  • Improving the Treeview Control”, Windows Developers’ Journal, January 1997.
  • Advanced Uses of the Toolbar”, WDJ, August 1996.